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About Us

We are a nonprofit supporting the healing and reintegration of  our Wounded Warriors into civilian life.

Who we are:  We are a young and small but passionate and growing nonprofit funded by corporations such as Ball Aerospace, Ophir Corporation, and others, the Sierra Club, and individuals. We have 501(c)3 nonprofit status by partnering with Outdoor Buddies, a 27 year old spin-off from Craig Rehabilitation Hospital in Denver.

What we do: Warriors On Cataract sponsors 4 day whitewater trips on the Colorado River through Canyonlands National Park from Moab to Lake Powell for our disabled veterans.  Last summer we were able to provide two trips, each taking about 25 Wounded Warriors, their caregivers and families on each trip..

Why we do this: Each year over 6000 veterans succumb to their hopelessness and depression and die at their own hand. This is more than have been lost in 10 years of combat in the conflicts in the Middle East. This doesn’t have to be. We find that this whitewater trip is a watershed for many of the Wounded Warrior participants, giving them new hope and perspective, and forming a support group of other combat veterans, thereby putting them on a path to recovery and reintegration.

Who we serve: We accommodate veterans with very significant levels of disability, such as severe PTSD, traumatic brain injury, orthopedic injuries, multiple amputations, burns, depression, substance abuse, and those with wheel chairs and service dogs.

Our Mission: 

  • To aid in reintegrating Wounded Warriors back into civilian life.
  • To show appreciation for their service to our country.
  • To offer a venue wherein they can communicate, share experiences, and support other Warriors.
  • To spawn lasting camaraderie and connections with other Wounded Warriors to aid healing and reintegration into civilian life
  • To raise public awareness of Wounded Warriors challenges and sacrifices.
  • To inspire others to join in helping rehabilitate and reintegrate these Wounded Warriors


Tag-A-Long Expeditions, Bob Jones, President. Tag is furnishing the river expeditions at well below the cost.

Emily Potter and Dr. Jennifer Romesser, mental health professionals of the Salt Lake VA Hospital, will sign up, transport, and accompany the Wounded Warriors on the whitewater trips.

Aarchway Inn Motel and Mike Bynum. Mike is furnishing rooms before and after the whitewater trip at a greatly reduced rate.

Windgate Adventures, Eric Odenthal, is the professional photographer who accompanies the whitewater trips, produces the photography of the trip, and generates the photo albums.

Estey Printing, Bill Hayes, prints the thank-you notes and the large photo collages of the trip free of charge.

Jackie Hueftle, free lance writer, accompanied the inaugural trip, is grant writing for further support of Wounded Warriors, will publish an article on the Wounded Warrior trip in a national magazine.

Dr. Fredrick Solheim is a fundraiser and organizer of the whitewater trips.

Colleen Day is creator and maintainer of this website