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Posted on Aug 25, 2012 in Newsletters | 0 comments

Newsletter #17

Newsletter #17

Greetings, All,

We had three disabled Royal British Marines on the July 2 launch; Lyndon Chatting-Walters, Liam Thompson, and Gareth Crabbe. They are part of an acting troupe of wounded Royal Marines that has received very high acclaim in the UK and elsewhere. The powerful play The Two Worlds of Charlie F is about their combat experiences and their difficulties in coming home. I’ve viewed it three times. The play can be seen on the BBC site:

My Firefox browser requires me to back up one screen and then again restart the play. IE seems not to have the problem.

The Two Worlds of Charlie F has now won Amnesty International’s Freedom of Expression Award for 2012.

Here is a link where you can see the related stories on the Bravo 22 Company website:

I am attaching a flier on the play, and a picture of Liam when he was wounded, and a picture of what was left of Lyndon’s vehicle after encountering an IED. Only Lyndon survived, broke his back in 4 places.

Lyndon says that the Cataract trip was the best trip he has ever been on.

I agree, these WW trips are some of the best of the 60+ Cataract trips I’ve been on.

The TAG guides have voiced the same sentiments.

Best regards,


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Posted on Aug 5, 2012 in Newsletters | 0 comments

Newsletter #16

Greetings contributors and supporters,

Because of their combat experiences and injuries resulting from their service to our country, because they have not decompressed, healed, integrated back into civilian society, Wounded Warriors sometimes run afoul of the legal system. The consequences imposed by our legal system are often iatrogenic, an additional disability and impediment to their reintegration. They don’t need more encumbrances and hurdles on top of their combat induced disabilities. Law enforcement, the prosecutors, and the judges should hopefully be more informed of their situation, and take advantage of available effective remedies and treatment and diversion programs.

To that end, highly regarded Denver criminal defense attorney Craig Truman (Bar Registry of Preeminent Lawyers by Martindale-Hubbell 1981 – 2012, University of Denver College of Law’s Outstanding Ethical Conduct Award 2004, Best Lawyers in America, 1987 – 2012, a long list of other accolades) has volunteered to defend Wounded Warriors who are charged with felonies pro bono, free of charge. Not only is Craig perhaps one of the three top criminal law attorneys in Colorado, I feel that his demeanor and his stature with the Courts and law enforcement will enable him to educate law enforcement, the prosecutors, and judges in the best course of action with these Wounded Warriors. In most cases these veterans don’t need a felony conviction and sentence imposed, they need a more constructive solution, a higher good, something along the lines of a whitewater trip and a support group of other Wounded Warrior combat veterans.

I would like to find a similar opportunity among defense lawyers in Utah and in Wyoming. I am making inquiries.

To another matter, I have been invited to speak in front of the Downtown Denver Rotary Club on August 15. At that meeting I will encourage the members to apply their talents and passions to enlist in or create other like nonprofit programs that are effective in bringing our Wounded Warriors back home. I am also asking to speak in front at the Arvada and Boulder Rotary Clubs, the Colorado Defense Lawyers Bar Association, and at the Denver REI.
We are all doing a very good thing together….. Thanks for your continuing support and contributions.


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