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Posted on Nov 5, 2011 in Newsletters | 0 comments

Newsletter #7

Newsletter #7

Greetings, all,

Newsletter #6 gave gave a report on Marines Chris Fesmire and Scott Ostrom, and VA Recreation Therapist Emily Potter being flown to Washington by the Sierra Club to speak to our Legislators on the recreation and therapeu- tic value of our public lands in general, and to these Wounded Warriors in particular. Stace Bare of the Sierra Club reports that the visit was a great success. And I’ve attached some of the pictures that were sent to me by Scott and Emily. The black/white pictures were taken by Scott.

Last July’s trip spawned an unex- pected and wonderful benefit, in that many of the participants are now emailing and telephon- ing and FaceBooking each other, sharing their experiences and fears and anxieties and support. This is a very positive mechanism of recovery at a level unavailable to their therapists, and will be encouraged next year by circulat- ing a list of contact points, emails, phone numbers of the partici- pants and crew.

The photo albums and framed collages have gone out to the participants and the more significant contributors. Rave reviews are coming back on the photo album. These albums were printed free of charge by CDS Publications of Medford, Oregon.The excellent photography was by Eric Odenthal of Moab, who accompanied us on the trip. It is hoped that these albums will be a touchstone to the Wounded Warriors that they can open up if they slip back into isolating themselves and again need inspiration to get in- volved in activities and communication with their fellow Wounded Warriors.

Because we want to increase the number of trips from one to three next year, and because we will be paying Tag a bit more per participant next year, the costs will approximately triple. I have therefore already started making contacts to prospective support- ers. So I ask that you who can and are ready to support next year’s trips, please contact me with your level of support, or send directly to Outdoor Buddies.

The launch dates are June 18 and July 2, with the third trip launch data still floating pending the funding level. Those of you that want to go along as swampers, please contact me. We will be able to take several as additional crew.

The website, being composed by Colleen Day, is still under construction but is well along.

Thanks again for your support of last summer’s trip. It was wonderful. I’ve been down that stretch of river more than 60 times, and this trip was one of the best, if not the best.

Best regards, Fred

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